Steignyr - "Tales of a Forgotten Hero"

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation

A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Steignyr- "Tales of a Forgotten Hero"

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Artist Bio:

Steignyr... This energetic and fierce Epic Celtic Death Metal five-pieced combo was born in 2012 in the city of Barcelona (Spain); founded by vocalist and lead guitar Jön Thorgrimr Fjonir.

The original sound of the band combines the roughest Death Metal with celtic melodies and epic harmonies, all powered by a strong gutural lead voice.

In words of the band:

“It is an honor for all members of Steignyr to be part of the family of Art Gates Records, we will proudly fight as usual for our music, and hope that all our fans enjoy our next work.”

After an extensive tour through Spain and two EP’s, “The Voice from the Forest” (2013) y “The Legend” (2014), which have been successful between the spanish metal community, Steignyr have been heavily involved in the process of recording what will be their first LP, which will be released by Art Gates Records in the upcoming months.

About The Video: Official video for Steignyr's "Tales of a Forgotten Hero", extracted from the new album "Tales of a Forgotten Hero". Director Name: Henry Menacho

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Coat Check Girl - "Lose Control (Official Video)"

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Artist Bio:

Passion-fueled four-piece Coat Check Girl may hail from Los Angeles, but their voracious, multi-dimensional approach to music is tied to a rebellious youth spent growing up in Caracas, Venezuela. After a short time operating under the moniker Yell Oh Umbrella, Coat Check Girl are ready to make a name for themselves with their innovative debut full-length, featuring single “Lose Control,” the brand new for which just premiered on BlankTV.


André and Alejandro Rodriguez, the band’s singer-guitarist and guitarist respectively, are brothers united not only by blood but by the musical ravenousness that drives them. Drummer Toby Harmans and bassist Allan Carnevalle are childhood friends of the Rodriguez brothers. The quartet’s vision of the world was shared; their experiences growing up in political unrest, the sweeping changes that surrounded them, the chaos that ensued, and the emotional path they eventually traveled down together.

That time together played a huge part in how they approach music. They quenched their thirst for rebellion in the world of heavy metal; they wanted music to encapsulate the changing speed of their time. Theirs is the sound of loud and thoughtful rock – aggressive and well-structured, nuanced but guitar-heavy. The riffs’ DNA lie in heavy metal, while playfully dipping its toes into pop and electronic. Drums mimic heartbeats, shocking the melody with empathetic symbiosis. The sound is, above all else, cognizant of its main essence: ROCK.

Their willingness to try something different isn’t only felt in how they make music, but how they want fans to consume it. In July of 2014, the band launched their unique plan for their debut full-length and its staggered release. Each month would present a brand new song or video, a puzzle piece of a much larger picture they were painting for the listener. Newest single “Heat Transfer” and the music video for “Lose Control” are the latest fragments from this release. “Heat Transfer” is a Foo Fighters-esque jag that is a playfully, dark rumination on lust and deception, while the video for “Lose Control” tells of a love story gone awry about a man who is murdered by the woman who harbors an unrequited love for him. With more material like this still to come from Coat Check Girl, music fans will be rewarded for watching how this all unfolds.

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Suede Razors - "Boys Night Out"

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Artist Bio:

Suede Razors is a four-piece rock n’ roll band from the San Francisco Bay Area featuring members of local favorites HARRINGTON SAINTS, HOUNDS & HARLOTS, and SYDNEY DUCKS. Combining elements of 70’s punk, pub-rock, bootboy glam, and mod revival, they’ve created their own hard-hitting brand of amped-up retro rock n’ roll.

The group originated as a ‘side project’ creatively deviating from current bands, to fuse together the power and energy of punk with swaggery guitar riffs and big beats from the 60s and 70s. With momentum from the success of their two previously released singles, the band is now preparing for their 3rd single which will be released in Fall 2014 on Pirates Press Records (USA) / Randale Records (Europe). The release will coincide with their live debut at the Pirates Press 10th Anniversary Party in San Francisco on October 25th, 2014 where they will play alongside Cock Sparrer, Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs, and Bishops Green.

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

J.O.S. - "Get Up"

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Artist Bio:

J.O.S. From the heartland of The Rolling Stones, The Who, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Marshall Amps, and The Ealing Club comes J.O.S. Formed in the birthplace of British rock in 2011, J.O.S. are a four piece band from Ealing, comprising of school friends John O’Shea, Rosie Botterill, Anna Thomas, and David Clarke. Having faced insurmountable odds, this is a band that has seen it all and survived it all.

At the heart of this band is their unified belief, both in each other and the music they play. Lifelong Guns N’ Roses fans, this is a band that grew up in the heyday of Nirvana and Oasis, and remember a time when Rock music mattered not just to rock music fans, but to the world.

J.O.S. believe we live in an age of lowered expectations, where tweets mean more than tracks, where social media means more than song writing and where ‘Likes’ mean more than real fans. In an industry where labels would rather invest in talent shows rather than songwriters, where pop stars are porn stars, where rap stars are disconnected from their roots and where rock stars have become a distant memory, J.O.S. are dedicated to putting music back at the heart of the industry, and back into the hands of musicians.

These combined passions for what they do and who they do it for is encapsulated and brought to life in their eponymous debut EP. Recorded in just 2 days, the record draws on their influences from the past and gives the listener a glimpse of what is possible for the future.

About The Video:One of J.O.S.'s early songs, the light and shade of the video reflects the downbeat lyrics and upbeat music. A song about dealing with the pressures everyone faces, but not getting beaten down by them, it combines the heaviness of Grunge with the melodies of 60s rock. Get Up proves modern rock can be both melodic and heavy. Director: Sophie Gost

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A BlankTV Premiere Presentation:

Marina City - "The Rise And Fall Of You"

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Artist Bio:

"Marina City is THE Chicago band to watch out for.”* Fusing the aggressive instrumentals found in hard rock with the catchy vocal melodies and harmonies found in top 40 pop, Marina City has set out to create something that has never been heard before. Classifying the genre as Aggressive Pop-Rock, the quintet has released 2 Eps, toured heavily from the Midwest to the East Coast, and has shared the stage with well known and established acts such as Go Radio, Amanda Palmer, State Champs, Cartel, and Real Friends. Since debuting at a sold out House of Blues show, Marina City has taken a strictly DIY approach to their booking and management,. This year their newest EP (Chimera) and the music video for their first single (“The Lost Boys”) was exclusively premiered on, featured on Pup Fresh, and Property of Zack.

Relying on “poignant lyrics, three-part harmonies, and one hell of a drummer”** the band features lead vocalist Ryan Argast, guitarist and vocalist Brian Johnson, keyboardist and vocalist Matt Gaudiano, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea, and bassist Aaron Heiy. In 2012 the band ventured away from being a solo act behind singer Ryan Argast and become more of a collaborative group walking away from a production deal in the process. With a degree in music performance, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea creates a strong rhythmic backbone for bassist Aaron Heiy’s deep pocket to groove over. Hammond artist Matthew Gaudiano on keys teams up with guitarist Brian Johnson to create the hard-hitting and aggressive center of the band. However, the biggest standout factor for Marina City is that it features 3 lead vocalists. Gaudiano’s smooth R&B style and Johnson’s raw punk sound compliment the power and emotion of frontman Ryan Argast. Said Chris Triebes owner and talent buyer of Mojoes In Joliet, IL "Marina City puts on one of the most energetic & passionate live shows I have seen from a local-area band in a long time"

*Robbie Mueller, Founder of BTG Management

**Zack Jablow, Grammy award winning producer.

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