artist – cash registers

Cash Registers

Cash Registers play melodic and frenetic  stripped-down punk. The band wear their Ramones, Buzzcocks and Dead Kennedys  influences on their sleeve, with the early hardcore of Black Flag and Circle Jerks thrown in the mix.

Cash Registers mastermind John Bendik began his musical life as a teenage drummer and guitarist for numerous Pittsburgh  hardcore bands including Savage Amused. John’s bands had a brief existence, but left a lasting impression. Savage Amused’s first sessions were re-released by Mind Cure Records in 2014 to critical acclaim.

After relocating to New York City in the 90’s, John moved to the front of the stage to sing and play guitar for his new band, Cash Registers. The band played hundreds of live shows over the next decade and released two highly-praised E.P.’s and as well as countless compilation tracks for Flipside, Go-Kart, Intensive Scare and more. After 10 years of raging in the clubs, John folded the band and took a break.