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X Contract - "How Would I"

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X Contract - "How Would I"

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This is X Contract's 3rd and most significant music video. It's stars the famous Danish actor, Anders W. Berthelsen, and thus, it's the biggest production so far. The video is focused around a story about the emotions of a man, who has been pushed to his personal limit.

The video is directed by William Findinge, an experienced underground-music-video-director, he has made several other videos for X Contract.

The album Dearest Dream invites the audience into a universe of love and hate, a musical tour through indie as well as new metal, and an expression that reaches from hard to emotional rock.

X Contract was formed in Aarhus, DK in 2007 by singer Dennis Pedersen. Young Dennis searched in all corners of rock to find a particular sound, which in the wild youth often results in hard punk tendencies. A couple of years went by, X Contract's sound began to mature, and guitarist Lars Klit joined the band.

X Contract has had a hell of a ride since the first record was released in 2010! Thanks for joining us!

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