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Arms Like Anchors - "In A Golden Reign"

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Arms Like Anchors - "In A Golden Reign"

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The project Arms Like Anchors were born in june 2011 from the common ideas of Loris (Guitar), Nick (Vocals) and Giammi (Voice) whom pointed to the formation of a band based on the Hardcore concept modelled with Metal and Metalcore tastes of second generation (inspired by bands like: In Fear And Faith, Of Mice & Men, Attack Attack!, Woe, Is me, The Devil Wears Prada and many others). With the advent of Fazio at the bass, Ste at the guitar and Nico at the drums the band finds his complete formation, starting immediatly to write the songs, some of wich will be part of their first EP, "The Strangers". This EP was recordered with the help of Simone Mularoni (Empyrios and DGM) in his recordering studio (Domination Studio) in San Marino. The Ep is punctuated with the most varied sounds with references to the classic Metal scene and combined with the new musical style of recent times. The intent of the band is simply to play the music they love, to transmit a message, to share stages, to estalish a friendship relation with their fans and to have a lot, lot of fun.

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