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From the album “Proud”, released May 2011 on Paper and Plastick Records.

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Directed by Mike Gill at Circumvision. http://www.circumvision.net


The cheap, quick, and easy answer is that this song, and this video, is about dealing on some dude with a baseball bat cos he beat up his girl, but in reality it’s about NOT dealing on a dude with a baseball bat. I’m sure most of us have known (or will know, at some point in our lives) a girl who’s gotten mixed up with the wrong guy, and sometimes that guy is REALLY the wrong guy, and pulls some really fucked up shit, and it seems like the right thing to do to is go beat the ever-loving shit outta that guy. BUT, the reality of most domestic abuse situations is that taking actions like that is only gonna perpetuate the cycle, and, ultimately, it’s not your decision to make. So despite the fact that every bone in your body is telling you to go beat the guy to a bloody pulp, taking a step back and trying to be supportive is a better first move. Trying to talk your friend into breaking off the relationship, reporting the abuse, and seeking counseling is a good place to start. Social services aren’t perfect, and they’re understaffed and losing more funding every day, but at least they’re trying. So before you grab that bat, or tire iron, or whatever, stop and think for a minute about the ramifications of your actions. I despise the tyranny of the strong over the weak, and I’m all about advocating violence towards men that beat women, but only after all other options have been examined and exhausted. We tried hard to convey that with this video, and hopefully we’ve done a decent job.

Cheers, Jon&HN

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