Filthy Felons – “Weakness Is A Magnet” Official Music Video

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Filthy Felons – “Weakness Is a Magnet” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Artist Biography: Filthy Felons is a post-hardcore band from the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands. They have been growing ever stronger since starting out in 2014, playing heavy hitting tracks and making crowds throw down wherever they go. They’re influences contain bands such as Everytime I Die, Comeback Kid, Feed the Rhino, and Thrice and they blend this together to form a mix that is both raw and melodic. Since playing live shows they have won one band competition after another, which started creating a buzz and increasing their presence in the Dutch heavy music scene. They’ve released they’re first EP in 2017 with producer Daan Nieboer of hardcore band 18 Miles and are now preparing for the recording of their first full length album from which the first single has just been released called “Weakness Is a Magnet”. The new track gives a glimpse of a heavier side of Filthy Felons and songs to come. In the meantime they are touring around Europe to get their name out there.

Director Name: Joost de Jonge
Director Link:

About the Video: The song ‘Weakness Is a Magnet’ is about being your own worst enemy, or rather, getting trapped in a downward spiral of negativity from which there seems to be no escape. It is about trying to fight against a feeling of hopelessness and how difficult that struggle can be. In the music video, the protagonist is being confronted by his inner demons, but it remains unclear to the protagonist why they are haunting him. He seems to have fallen into a fugue state. Only traumatic flashbacks give him hints of what may have lead to an inescapable feeling of guilt and fear. The video is filled with and eerie interplay of dissonance and unpredictability, leaving the viewer able to identify with the sense of discomfort of the protagonist.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Weakness Is a Magnet”

With time working against me I wallow and worry
Wasting the minutes, I barely pull through
Sobriety’s killing the nature of dreaming
This progress, is regress

Down goes a fifth of whatever i’m clearing
Can’t keep my hands still, Lord knows that I’ve tried
Regretting with reason, I’ve been here before
It’s driving me out of my mind

Kicking, screaming, going down, I drown
Now it’s clear, hate’s consumed what once was fear
Hold my breath and as i drown, i found
Now it’s clear, hate is fear!

I sleep trough the days just to make fewer hours
Doubting and doomthinking mistakes made
I carry a burden, weak willed and unwilling
But able as long as my back doesn’t break

I’ve been handed a shovel, given directions
Making my way towards a shallow grave
Lyring awake, I count stars and pray
To be covered with dirt that i’ve hidden away

This burden it better outweigh the outcome
Was I given a use at birth
Am I just a cancer that’s killing the planet
‘Till death returns my shell to the earth

Kicking, screaming, going down, I drown
Now it’s clear, hate’s consumed what once was fear
Hold my breath and as I drown, I found
Now it’s clear, hate is fear!

Leave no trace, lie in waste
There’s no need, no reason
Hang my head, facing death
Got no need

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