Round Eye – “Sifter” Sudden Death Records – Official Music Video

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Round Eye – “Sifter ” Sudden Death Records – Official Music Video –
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Artist city, country: Shanghai, China

Artist Biography: Round Eye, the experimental freak punk outfit have accrued quite a loud and controversial name for themselves since forming in 2012. The Shanghai based group have shown no mercy nor fatigue in sound development or work ethic and have as of late been a crucial force in bridging a wide gap between the eastern and western hemispheres of punk rock. Along with blazing a gnarly trail all over the globe (China, USA, Mexico, S. Korea, Japan, and much of Europe) they’ve toured the mainland of China a number of times and have played host to visiting western groups and some legends as well.
Round Eye这帮实验怪咖朋克乐队自2012年组建以来获得了响亮而别致的名声。这个上海的小团体在音乐和创作中斗志满满、坚韧不拔,近来更是成为架起东西半球朋克摇滚之间桥梁的中坚力量。一边大喇喇地在包括全球各地(中国,包括美国、墨西哥、韩国、日本)留下足迹,一边在中国大陆多次巡演并接待了许多到访演出的西方乐团和音乐巨擘。
They’ve shared stages with western groups such as Mike Watt & the Missingmen, The Fleshtones, D.O.A., MDC, The FUs, Paul Collins Beat, M.O.T.O., Ceremony, and Iceage, eastern groups such as P.K.14, SMZB, SUBS, Hang on the Box, and Misandao.
and have been banned from performing on the mainland by the Ministry of Culture during a tour with UK punk legends The Boys (as a result the tour was forced to literally go underground where they held the secret gigs in bomb shelters around the country (documented by VICE China in an hour long recorded set). The ban lasted only the duration of the tour and was assigned due to “crowd control issues” following the tragic Shanghai band stampede, a controversial tour poster, and reports of Round Eye’s lewd stage antics.

他们曾与诸如Mike Watt, The Fleshtones, D.O.A、The FUs、Paul Collins Beat、M.O.T.O.、Ceremony、Iceage等西方乐队同台,也曾与P.K.14、SMZB, SUBS, 挂在盒子上、Misandao

They’ve won the “Best Local Band” title from Shanghai’s City Weekend magazine two years in a row. They’ve released several music videos: one starring famed Chinese actress Wang Lin and another filmed entirely in North Korea becoming the first rock band to do so in the DPRK.

They’ve honed their unconventional blend of 50’s R&B Free Jazz and Punk with a critically acclaimed EP “Full Circle” on Ripping/Genjing Records which featured Greg Ginn (Black Flag) and have drawn comparisons to the Stooges, Captain Beefheart, Dr. Feelgood and The Fall. In 2015 they dropped their eponymous LP Round Eye which features saxophonist Steve Mackay (Stooges/Violent Femmes) and low-fi legend R. Stevie Moore. That summer they began another tour of mainland China with Steve Mackay on tenor (this tour being the last tour for Steve as he sadly passed away later that year) and toured the US for another 32 dates. 2017 will usher in their 2nd LP “Monster Vision” on Sudden Death Records and see them tour the world once again.
他们连续两年获得上海City Weekend杂志评出的“最佳本地乐队”。他们发行了两个MV(其中一个由中国著名演员王琳主演)并由Ripping/根茎唱片发行了一张广受好评的EP碟《Full Circle》来诠释他们对50年代R&B和朋克的另类融合,唱片请到Greg Ginn(Black Flag)一起合作,精彩不输the Stooges、Dr. Feelgood或The Fall。现在他们正准备6月发行同名LP大碟Round Eye,并请到萨克斯演奏家Steve Mackay(Stooges/Violent Femmes)和R. Stevie Moore共同合作,而7月开始他们也将于美国与Mr. Clit和The Pink Cigarette共同巡演为专辑造势。

Director Name: Alessio Avezzano
Producer Name: Round Eye

About The Video: First punk music video filmed in North Korea (Pyongyang)

Artist Website:

Label Name: Sudden Death Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: Sifter

Takes an old man
To see all the problems with age
Takes an old man to see problems
Takes an old man
to see all the girls walk away
Takes an old man to
sift through the bullshit

Takes a dead man
To see any positive change
Takes a broken heart
To understand love (true love).
Takes atrocity
To understand positive change.
Takes an old man to…
Takes an old man to…

Takes an old man
To see all the problems with age
Takes an old man to see problems
Takes an old man
To see all the girls walk away
Takes an old man to…
Takes an old man like you.

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