Beware The Beldam – “Misery” Official Teaser Video

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Beware the Beldam – “Misery” Official Teaser Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Plymouth, England, UK


Song Lyrics: I loved you we we’re meant to be
I need to love you endlessly
Born together and die together
It’s always been
You and me
You’re like a spider in its web
Spinning a trap to catch my heart
Put your cancerous fangs into my wound
I can’t live anymore.

I need you here it’s skin on skin
I trusted you when no one did
My addicted, twisted, self-inflicted
Pain in hearts is you.
So let me hold your hand.

At least that way you’ll see I’m just like you.

I tried to get out when I could
When the bitch was on a drive
Run to the door and unleash the hatch
But now I meet her
Eye to eye
Dirty birdy you can not escape
I’ll punish you for leaving me
I hear a crack as my foot’s turned clockwise
And I can’t live anymore.


Living in a prison wasn’t where I came from
I want to end it all and wrap my hands around again
I’ll end this fucking bitch if it’s the last thing that I do.

I’m through,
I’m through,

Misery fuck you

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