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Mechanical Teddy – “Shooting Out” Black-Listed Records – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Tokyo, Japan

Artist Biography: Mechanical Teddy is a male and female twin vocal metalcore band that has been active since 2006. In addition to the male vocal TATSUYA who is in charge of shouts and the female vocalist RINO in charge of melody, there are also features that are six persons of different colors such as gender twin guitar, bass and drums. The contrast of intensity and delicacy by male and female twin vocals, the sounds of the instrument corps and the digital sound that complements the songs are fused and weave the expressive sound.
Started live activities in Saitama / Tokyo near the Tokyo metropolitan area with six people including leader ATSUSHI (Dr & Seq), TATSUYA (Vo), MAYU (Gt) After joining AKIRA (Ba), I will present the current female vocal RINO in 2013 and announce “MAKE STEDDY” which will be 3rd album. The following year, HAYATO joined on behalf of USSY who tried guitar for many years, it becomes current organization.
In July 2016, the 4th album “HAPPY DEAD COASTER (Happy Dead Coaster)” will be released!

Producer Name: To4 Sound Factory
Producer Link:

About the Video: It is pushing Mechanical Teddy – “Shooting Out” to the front with light and dark dynamics. Also pay attention to the expressive power of RINO that switches from a melancholy melody to a bright and mellow melody.

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Label Name: Black-Listed Records
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Song Lyrics: Nothing wish, nothing make.
Just only wait for the end.
Always wait and wait.
Like a slave, like a servant.
Have you lost your eyesight?
A gleam of hope is close at you.

俯いた 花のように
ただ誰かに 言われるがまま
現実に 縛られて
今のまま 終われない

* 変わり始める
偽りを纏う心 撃ち抜いた時から

I noticed, don’t wanna see.
Under the pressure, could not stand on.
I hid a fact and have put it away.

ずっと前に 気づいてた
逃げるように 目を背けてた
責めるような この気持ち
気づかない ふりしてた

* 飛び越えていく
繰り返す過ちさえ 受け止められるから

I should see it by all means if I reveal it fearlessly.
Without disguise.
You are not alone.
Even if it is a mistake, it’s no matter if you fail.
I don’t care.
Let’s walk together.
We are not loneliness.

Under the pressure, we can stand up.
Not alone.

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