5 Year Plan – “Dear Me” Official Live Video – 2017

5 Year Plan

Hailing from the Lafayette, LA, music scene is the exhilarating Pop Punk band, 5 Year Plan, with an explosion of emotional filled tracks and energetic rhythms. Formed in January 2017, this dynamic unit comprises of singer/guitarist Dylan Frederick, singer/guitarist Aaron Hayes, bassist Dane Guidroz and drummer Meguel Roberts. Merging their creative expressions together, the band recorded their first single entitled “Dear Me” at Leap Studios in March 2017. Influenced by bands like Blink 182, Green Day and PUP, 5 Year Plan infuses the elements of Pop and Punk rock into their music, while reflecting aggression and emotive vibrations. The band is set to release their self titled EP in late 2017, and will be bringing their raw energy to the stage in May 2017 alongside the Pop Punk band Broadside of Victory Records. Poised with an impressive approach, 5 Year Plan continues to concoct evocative tracks as their musical journey unfolds.

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