About Video Submissions

By submitting music video content to BlankTV, artists gain exposure to our vast global audience (over 720k subscribers and 2 million views per month).  Additionally, artist video pages include their bio, purchase links, social media links, song lyrics, etc.

We offer immediate and powerful exposure for new artists as well as established artists that are able to connect with their dedicated fan base and find a new audience through our key demographic.

Submit a Video:

BlankTV offers two options for video submissions, General and Scheduled.


General Video Submissions

General video submissions are free to the submitter and are uploaded to our site in the order they were received.

General Video Submissions Link:

https://blanktv.com/submit-a-video/ general/


Scheduled Video Submissions

For a minimal fee, Scheduled Video Submissions allow the submitter to set a specific date and time to premiere the video.  Additionally, scheduled submissions are featured in the prime “BlankTV World Premiere Videos” playlist at the top of our homepage.

Scheduled Video Submissions Link:

https://blanktv.com/submit-a-video/ schedule/