Our Manifesto

BlankTV is the end result of years of marginalized and/or exploitative treatment of Punk Rock culture, art, music, videos and independent music in general. BlankTV is an uncensored site, offering you the truth as we see it. We hope to give you a real alternative to the corporate propaganda that pervades our society. BlankTV is created by the culture it defends. So if you don’t like it, feel free to help change it.

Most of the music videos and live clips in our vast library are nearly impossible to find elsewhere. If you do manage to find the videos online, the quality is usually so poor you can’t enjoy them as they were meant to be seen.  So, after fucking around for several years at some doomed dot-coms in Hollywood, we knew we had the opportunity to try something new.

For the past nineteen years, we’ve wasted most of our energy and money on the BlankTV project.  It hasn’t been easy – it takes considerable time and resources to keep this operation afloat.  Friendships have been strained; noses bloodied and bowling scores have plummeted. Still, we keep on trying.  We’ve been incredibly fortunate to create our own Community within our site – simply put, our fans kick ass.

On BlankTV you will see the newest, the best, the weirdest, the classics and more. We are always on the lookout for new content!  If your band has a video, send it in! If you have contacts to get us more content, let us know! If you’re sitting on old footage, give it to us, ya bastard!

BlankTV will, hopefully, represent the best of what independent music was, is and can be. Our emphasis is on bands that need the exposure and have the talent. You will, however, find some videos here that you may see in rotation on the M-pire. What can we say? Corporate outlets found out that pre-packaged rebellion with a good beat is a lot easier to sell than high-tops. I can’t really fault the bands for this. It’s just how things worked out.

Maybe someone will drop in to see some mallpunk, teenymosher handjobs or the latest shoegazer band and leave thinking Refused, Bad Reaction or Black Flag is something that has more to say to them.  Maybe not. We try to weed out the real crap.

While we’re on the subject of corporate influences, you should all understand that what these companies are willing to pay such huge sums to radio stations and corporate rock channels for, is you.

You are the product, the new hard-to-reach demographic. Understanding that you’re being sacrificed on the altar of consumerism should lessen the blow. We’re not total whores, but we like to keep our options open. Plus, we’ve heard good things about ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ and want to give that a shot too.

Our sincere hope is that BlankTV will be successful enough to eventually allow us to start our own annual event (we’re thinking a beer pong or flip cup tournament…I know, sounds divine). So tell your friends to keep watching videos on BlankTV!!!

And please check out our links for friends and solid folks we’ve run into. Our scene is kind of a micro-economy and you should consider that when you do your punk rock shopping.

That’s all for now,