A Tragic Setback – “Oh Reaper” A BlankTV World Premiere!

A Tragic Setback

OUT OF THE MIST OF SAN ANTONIO’S DIVERSE MUSIC SCENE EMERGES HEAVY HITTERS A TRAGIC SETBACK. Originally formed by brothers Christopher and Justin Arenas in the early 2000’s as young teens they never strayed far from creating music. With their father pushing them to play in what some might compare to the way Selena’s father pushed her. They began writing music and it was time to search for other members.
Early on it was clear the Arenas brothers’ passion and drive to show the world they would not quit. In 2015 with former members they went on writing and releasing A Tragic Setback’s first album “Chasing the Light”. From there they went on to play such acts as Vans Warped Tour, SXSW, Headliners, and many big openers in the local scene. Having fans from all over the country and the world, success looked imminent. Until a ripple in the band seemed to be what looked like the ultimate ending to a beautiful beginning, but that would not be A Tragic Setback’s demise.
After being beat down, the Arenas Brothers found themselves on their own again, but not for long. The better part of a year was spent rebuilding and eventually finding original childhood member Mando Hinojosa. The three began searching for the missing puzzle pieces that would now become the new and improved A Tragic Setback. After many tryouts and the painful passage of time, they found new members Jason Espinosa and Jerecho Barrera things would finally be looking up.
With Justin Arenas’ powerful heartfelt lead vocals, Chris Arenas’ appropriately busy drumming and highlighting Vocal Features, Mando Hinjosas’ technical jazzy Lead guitar smoothly highlighted by Jason Espinosa’s brilliantly orchestrated rhythm guitar style. Beefed up and perfectly seasoned by Jerecho Barrera’s bass slaps, the band was finally back on the rise.
Currently A Tragic Setback is in the works on the bands second album and will be releasing singles. Also keeping busy playing shows with bands such as, Crown the Empire, Secrets, Darkness Divided, Fit for a King, 36 Crazyfists, Powerman 5000, Like Moths to Flames, In Hearts Wake, Phinihas, War of Ages, Cane Hill, OTEP, MyChildren MyBride and many more.

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