Alexandros Vee – “100K” XX Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Alexandros Vee

Born November 9th 1991 in Agios Nikolaos, Greece, Alexandros Vitoratos is an emerging artist out of Calgary, AB Canada. Alexandros recognized his love of music from a young age when he began writing lyrics in elementary school. Since then, he has developed himself into an exceptional musician and lyricist. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Alexandros does not abandon his writing before he has attained the level of creative mastery in his music that he intends. Due to his diligent work ethic and artistic talent alike, Alexandros has had opportunities to open up for top-charting artists such as YG, 50Cent, Fabulous, French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Rick Ross & Obie Trice. In 2015 Alexandros was featured on a song called “F**k up the Summer”, which became a local hit within Alberta. The song went on to be picked up by the popular media outlet Hip Hop Canada. As of February the 21st 2017, Alexandros became the first and only urban artist based in Calgary to have his songs “Goals” & 100K placed in regular rotation on Atlanta Georgia’s popular Nielson BDS monitored online radio station K-100, after being voted in by listeners during their hit segment “Ill or Kill.” Alexandros Vitoratos has mind to slow or stop his creative energy. His future looks bright, as his genuine passion for music continues to propel him to new heights that challenge his artistry, Alexandros Vitoratos is an artist on the rise.

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