Amthrya – “Chapter IV – Human Confrontation” Official Music Video


Amthrya represent a journey, a destination into infinite spaces, a complex and contradictory research and a continous change. Lead character is the Man and his projection into the cradle of the world and his frightening of mortality, fragility and the precarious equilibrium of it. Amthrya represent the fragility of Man, of his mind and it opens on a insanity abyss of his paranoid and of his distortion of reality. It’s a Diary of Alienation, a guide map of himself Ego. Images of Gem is the new Chapter open on this distorted vision of the World, that takes you to the madness, follies and suicide. From the mind of Barry, the creative Ego of project Amthrya, will guide you into the obscure abyss of human mind. Kasumi Onryo is the grudge voice, the return from the Death abyss and she’ll guide you in a nightmare world…

Amthrya was born in 2004 as a one man band project from an idea of Barry. In 2012 came out the first album “Authentic Way” by the label Depressive Illusion. It’s a cd and a tape that has for theme the suicide in a surreal contest, with a symphonic black metal sound. In 2016 Barry has stared the composing of the album “Incision of Gem”, pointing new sounds more near on Black Death metal. In August 2017 Kasumi Onryo became the new vocalist and actually Amthrya has completed the formation with Ale MsT (Drums) and Vins (Bass Guitar). Images of Gem will coming out in 2018.

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