As I Fall – “Humanity’s End” Cirith Ungol – Official Music Video

As I Fall

As I Fall is a metal band formed in July of 2009, with the idea of playing in the new generation of metal music, sounding similar to the Swedish Melodic Death genre, but also influenced by the American core movement.
Playing their debut EP “Memories of a Cold Day”, they won the 44th Zaječar Gitarijada in 2010.
In 2011, played the fourth Demo Fest in their hometown, Banja Luka.
2012 has brought performances on three large-scale local festivals, SMF in Sarajevo, the competition on the EX-YU Wacken Finale in Zagreb, UFO in Osijek, as well as the legendary EXIT Fest in Novi Sad.
Currently, the band is focused on studio releases and are releasing singles every few months while working on completing full length album and few more music videos.

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