Ayowolf – “718” Feat. Nate The Great – Brake Fast Records


AYOWOLF is a production team that includes the talents of Tom Delay Beats, and Ryan Taylor of SideFX Studios. Crossing paths in the Baltimore hip-hop scene in early 2010, the crew has since spread up and down the east coast, from New York to Florida. Working in a number of studios along the eastern seaboard and taking in inspiration along the journey, AYOWOLF has hatched a unique hip-hop/trap/electro blend set inside hypnotic melodies and vitalizing drum patterns.
The group’s first instrumental release, ‘Snag’, is an effort that takes a mature approach to trap beats, while staying true to the hip-hop sound that they were birthed from. Comprised mostly of synthy bangers, the production includes a number of clever drops and build-ups that elicit anticipation and satisfaction from listening audiences. Their new single is the brand new feel-good summertime track, “718”, that highlights the adventures of infidelity.
Directed by Frank Diperi and edited by Woody Litman, the video is set in Coney Island and captures the essence of the New York City beach town.

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