Bullseye – “Keep Me Alive” Dedication Records – Official Music Video


Bullseye were founded in 2007 in Sarstedt nearby Hannover. No mess, no fuss – pure oldschool Hardcore.
Influences from the likes of Madball, Rykers, Sick of it All and Agnostic Front can’t be denied.
Lyric wise the band takes a strong side against injustice, oppression, racism and ecocide. So if you´re looking for party songs you´re definitely wrong here.
As action speaks louder than words the band decided to support Sea Shepherd and are officially an “Artist for Sea Shepherd”.
In 2009 the first EP ‘Back to the Roots’ was released. Followed by the full lengths ‘Armed for Tonight’ in 2012 and ‘Stronger’ in 2015.
On March 1st 2019 the new album ‘Until We Die’ was released via Dedication Records.

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