Corusco – “New Year” Official Music Video


We all long to find a way out of darkness and reach toward hope. For Texas indie rockers Corusco, the search for balance is their driving force. Blending elements of indie rock and folk with an aggressive edge, their music brings a balance of ‘punch-you-in-the-gut’ rock and delicate moments of vulnerability. Literally meaning “I shine, I quiver, I flicker” in Latin, the name Corusco conveys the inner battle between happiness and sorrow, experiencing darkness and light at the same time – like light coruscating off water. What started as an acoustic project with vocalist/guitarist Aaron Gonzalez during Fall of 2015, would eventually form into a full band with the addition of bassist Philip Baugh and round out with drummer Carlos Garza. The collection of songs written on the band’s first tour together would become their debut EP, ‘Don’t Give Up’, released in 2016.

After a period of playing shows around the country, opening for bands like Valleyheart (Rise Records) and Get Dead (Fat Wreck) in addition to performing at festivals such as MR Fest and Loud!Fest, Corusco would return to the studio in 2017. With the help of producer Aaron Gillespie (Underoath, The Almost), the band tracked and recorded seven songs for their debut full-length album, ‘Wake’. Set for release on May 25th, 2018, Wake is inspired by the idea that each song on it’s own is a piece of a larger mosaic that come together to recreate a variety of memories encapsulated within the album.

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