Desert Near The End – “Of Fire And Stars” Metal Scrap Records – Official Lyric Video

Desert Near The End

Desert Near the End always thought of themselves as a missing link. Taking their first musical steps in the Greek Metal scene of the 90’s, they grew up with the great Power/Thrash Metal bands of that era. But as the years passed, they had the feeling that this sound has somehow lost its edge and so they made their mission to connect that sound with the frontline of today’s Metal.
The band started in 2009 and the first album, ‘A Crimson Dawn’, came out in 2011 as a self-financed release. It was the first part of a concept about a man’s search for “his” real sun, whose light guides and not only blinds, and how this search becomes inspiration for all humanity.
The second album, ‘Hunt for the Sun’, was recorded at their own Eventide Studios and mastered in England by Jonh K. (Biomechanical). It was released in 2014 by the Ukrainian label Total Metal Records (a division of Metal Scrap Records Inc.).
In 2016, the band entered the studio to record their third album, ‘Theater of War’, which was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. It was their most extreme approach musically and lyrically, brought the story which began in their debut to its conclusion. It was released in September 2016, again by Total Metal Records, and received excellent reviews from around the world.
In January 2018, Desert Near the End entered Incorporated M. Studios in Athens to record their fourth album ‘Of Fire and Stars’. This album is a culmination of everything the band draws inspiration from. It’s a Power/Thrash Metal amalgam carved with Death/Black Metal tools. It’s lyrics speaks of how fire and stars literally and metaphorically fueled human imagination throughout history for “good and bad”. The album was released at March 22, 2019 by Total Metal Records.

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