Diamonds To Dust – “Saturate” Manifest Records – A KrankTV Feature!

Diamonds To Dust

Diamonds to Dust was formed in Poughkeepsie, New York, in 2012. They came together with the idea that people with different experiences and stories could come together to make music. The original lineup consisted of Jenna Sedlak (Vocals), Matt Colgan (drums), Ryan Cuifo (Bass), Vincent Drummond (Guitar), and Barry Elliott (Guitar, Backup Vocals). Together they wrote their first single “Ashes to Ashes”, but broke up shortly after, because their musical influences were too different. The members could not agree on a direction in which the band could move forward. In December of 2013 Barry Elliott decided to try Diamonds to Dust once again. This time he would use influences from metal, hard rock, and pop punk to create a solid foundation. By using bands such as A Day to Remember, Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Four Years Strong, Skillet, Chunk No Captain Chunk, Killswitch Engage, and For Today he began hitting the studio to record Diamonds to Dust debut album. With the recruitment of Joe Ayala, Angelica Hogue, Mike Odell, Nico Petroccitto, Brandon Zablocki and Melvin Houge the lineup was completed.

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