Drace XII – “Arise Again” MS Metal Records – Official Music Video

Drace XII

Drace XII is a Symphonic Metal band from Brazil, leaded by Rodrigo Ferreira (vocals), Thiago Bignardi (guitar) and Anderson Ribeiro (bass/orchestration). After take form in 2010 (with Rodrigo on drums) released on December, 12th of the following year, their first EP, titled ‘Faceless Kingdom’ – a mix of influences from power/symphonic metal with Japanese lyrics – which had a good acceptance on the “visual kei” public and media.
Needing to expand their career, in 2012 the band join forces with Edu Falaschi (songwriter, Angra’s ex-vocalist and also Almah’s mastermind), to produce the debut album ‘Supreme Legacy’. After pre-production and some lineup changes, started the official recordings guided by the renowned producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Tito Falaschi.

The debut album ‘Supreme Legacy’ had it’s digital release on December, 9th of 2016 and as released on CD in July, 10th. The guitarist Thiago Bignardi joined the the band in 2017.

The debut album ‘Supreme Legacy’ starts the fantasy concept of the band. It’s divided in seven chapters, to tell the origin of the Queen Drace XII.

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