Eye Steal – “Better Than You’re Worth” Negative Gain Records

Eye Steal

“Haunted by his memories, he barely speaks”, – Dot me, Eye Steal
Driving beats and raw emotion, Eye Steal will leave your heart pounding and your mind wanting more. With his gritty lyrics and grimy synth, Remi Monroe bleeds his dark passion into every performance, imbuing Eye Steal with an ethereal quality that pulls his audience into his beautiful nightmare. It’s impossible not to feel the authentic pain Eye Steal shares through his music, exposing his soul to his audience. In a fucked up world Eye Steal represents a truth that is right in front of you but that remains unspoken. Channeling the power of so called societal harmony’s many blights into a zealous commentary on truth
Eye Steal’s follow up LP will be released on Negative Gain in the coming year, check out more of his music here.

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