Fate Unburied – “Vertigo” Sliptrick Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Fate Unburied

Fate Unburied project is born from the musicians’ need to find their own musical language that goes beyond the patterns of modern metal. The band offers a style focused on Death Metal sound, surrounded however by many other influences, combining driven and dynamic riffs with melodic and inspired ones. An effective combination of power and atmosphere which creates a distinctive and varied sound.
After a 4-track demo entitled “Dehuminazed Society” (2012) and a change of formation, the group came out with its first full-length “Logos” (Splitrick Records, 2017).
This album, starting from the Death Metal matrix, goes through all its shapes, creating a strongly personal sound with a marked progressive influence. The lyrics follow the main theme of the Greek philosophical concept of the Logos, a universal law which rules everything through reason and need. In the lyrics, this is related with today’s life, in order to analyze the human condition and the events that afflict it.

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