Goliathan – “Vaalbara” Metal Assault Records – A BlankTV World Premiere!


Based out of Los Angeles, California, Goliathan is an instrumental doom quartet comprised of four unique artists who found common ground in an artistic expression of catharsis, doom, and rebirth.
The idea of Goliathan first came about in 2006 when Philadelphia punk veterans, childhood friends and longtime artistic co-conspirators Shawn Doster and Kevin Cogill found themselves living together in Los Angeles after their tour van broke down. It was then that the duo started to explore moodier and more mature frontiers, transcending the boundaries of the blackened crust music Shawn had been writing up to that point. After gestating for a full ten years, Goliathan finally found steady footing with Neal Gardner and Phillip Bailey completing a perfectly balanced, permanent lineup. In 2016, the band released their debut EP ‘Awakens’, and began performing locally, garnering a unanimously awe-struck reaction from all who would bear witness.
Neal Gardner is an accomplished and versatile composer, producer, and educator, masterfully fluent in music theory who has found a home writing and playing bass in Goliathan. Drummer Phillip Bailey was a founding member of Systematic, discovered by Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, and signed to his Elektra imprint The Music Company before moving on to do session work in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Shawn and Kevin (a.k.a. “Skwerl”) flank the rhythm section with dueling guitars and a telepathic chemistry refined over nearly 25 years of playing together.
Each song is a cinematic journey, evolving over months (if not years), a chapter of a sprawling, ongoing story. This story begins with mankind’s hubris and gluttony, and the ignorant, wanton abuse of a rich and resourceful planet. The end of human existence will not be lamented, nor celebrated. No words shall be heard, let alone remembered, and all monuments and constructions will crumble quickly to dust. The story ends with echoes of Goliathan’s crushing justice, reverberating for eons across a healthy, thriving planet.

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