Guddommelig Galskab – “Fix” Official Music Video

Guddommelig Galskab

Guddommelig Galskab (Divine Madness) is a Copenhagen, Denmark based hardcore punk band, that started out in the end of last millenium on the scene in the now evicted Ungdomshuset Jagtvej 69.
Their debut album ‘Dansk Punk Under Al Kritik’ (Danish punk beneath contempt) was the spark that marked the beginning of the second wave of Danish punk aka the K-town hardcore scene with bands like Amdi Petersens Arme, Young Wasteners and HUL.
The band became known for their satirical lyrics, their catchy sing-a-long hardcore punk and their crazy live-shows, and is still active after almost twenty years on the scene.
Guddommelig Galskab just released their fourth album ‘KOGT FOR HÅRDT’ (boiled too hard), thirteen of their most fast and furious songs ever, contained on a 7″ vinyl.

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