Healthy Junkies – “The Sound Of My Guitar” Banana Castle Records / Cargo Records

Healthy Junkies

Mixing Punk Rock with Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, Garage Rock and Goth, add a soupçon of theatre and you have Healthy Junkies. Glamorous yet rebel lead punkster Nina Courson moved to London after she ran away from home to pursue her own rock n roll rite of passage.. Destiny awaited when she found guitarist Phil-Honey-Jones who at the time was in a psychedelic rock – outfit named Nurotica. Phil had left his dysfunctional home as a young lad as well, and the two went on their way seeking solace in the world of music. Naming the band Healthy Junkies, reflecting the mental health epidemic currently spreading like wildfire through the core of the western society.
In late 2013 Healthy Junkies added Dave Whitmore on bass and Tony Alda ( later to be replaced by Pumpy) on drums hitting the road in the UK and Europe building a decent size following, pulling about 500 peeps at the Arena stage for Rebellion Punk Festival.
2019 sees the band return to Rebellion festival, Camden Rocks festival and debut at HRH Punk festival at the O2 in Sheffield in October.
Healthy Junkies are a key figure in the alternative underground scene and they have built quite a fan base over the years and it’s likely that you have seen their logo in a club somewhere as a lot of people seem to have heard of Healthy Junkies.
Punk and roll rendezvous and Healthy Junkies have one main goal; that is to bring people together. People from across the board wishing to express themselves and be authentic without prejudice.

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