Hence – “From A Star To Another One” A BlankTV World Premiere!


Born from the reboot of Wheresmyplanet, Hence wrote and composed their first official EP in 2018.They started recordings with Federico Truzzi (Sleeping Romance / Napalm Records / Fluttery Records) and Marcello Rossi (Hazok) at Lemon’s Head Studio (IT), cooperating with Bombanella Soundscapes (IT) concerning tracks mastering. The namesake “Hence” is a twenty-five minute long EP that presents a kind of music joining pop melodies with more polished sounds from post rock, alternative and indie. In their compositions, they alternate moments of extremely essential musicality to explosions of sound, arrangements based on non-conventional tempos to dynamic choruses.The atmospheres and lyrics are based on a concept of space and distance, turning into a blurry line between a tangible reality and its aesthetic interpretation.

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