Honesty – N.A.T.O. Crimes” M&O Music – Official Music Video


“Honesty is a hardcore band born between Paris (France) and Belgrade (Yugoslavia), influenced by the New-York, Boston and European hardcore scene, bands like Madball, Ramallah, Barcode and Biohazard. But also in love with the Hip Hop movement. Guys wanted to bring something new to Europe, a mix of groove, power and clever lyrics, committed against the new world order propaganda, denunciation of N.A.T.O. crimes and U.N lies. We strive to be pointing the finger at the paradox that concerns the western countries who wrote the declaration of the human rights and all the criminal actions that the same nations are committing for decades over OUR planet.
The band has also had a real commitment to homeless people in Paris for years and takes inspiration from this action to share our experience.

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