Hybrid – “Paddle” Official Music Video


HYBRID, from his real name MASSANGA MARCELIN JOWANE is a Central African artist (singer, rapper, songwriter) born on the 22nd December 1994 in Bangui.
Young, he developed his attachment for music of all genders along with his elder sister WINNIE MASSANGA who is an artist herself (RUMBA music) based in France. Back home English was his favorite language which really influenced and is still influencing his music because majority of his songs are in English. He recorded his first song title You Don’t Have a Tie when he was 15 years old with the help of his sister, when he turned 18; he formed a band named TSboyz with some of his classmates with whom he did many great songs.
In 2013 he had to live his country headed to Ghana to pursue his education keeping in his heart his passion for music. From 2014 to 2017 he has been doing some great works among which we find invitations for shows at the Rockstone office, stage sharing with Faniko the Beninese afropop artist and hit songs like DEJAVU, IM HUNGRY, ALAZOU, DéCHIRé, Ne Me Touche Pas and PADDLE for which he shot a video that was released on May 8th.
The struggle is real but the passion is stronger, that is what keeps him on the train. He has a lot more to offer so just watch out.

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