Lectern – “Discorporation With Feral” Via Nocturna


LECTERN is a Death Metal band formed in 1999 in Rome, Italy, with the intent of playing, old school brutal death metal with Satanic lyrics. The inspiration came, within all the bands from United States, especially based in Tampa, Florida. As the 90’s were ending, and with the them the interest in death metal, Lectern tried since the very beginning of composing the music its member were up to listen to. Gigs were made, but the interest in labels and promoters, was focused on other genres, and no more on death metal. Fabio Bava remained in the band, trying to recruit new musicians or sessionmen. Only in 2008 and then in 2009 the interest in Lectern grew up once again, also with a good live activity. So, in March 2010 the band entered Temple of Noise studio, for recording Salvific of Perhaps Lambent. Later in 2014 , with a new stable formation, the band entered The Outer Sound Studios, produced by Giuseppe Orlando for the new album Fratricidal Concelebration printed by Sliptrick Records, and distributed worldwide. Lectern played as opening group for band such Sepultura, Angra, Skinned and Incantation before entering again in studio, after more formation changes, in 2016 and published the second full length Precept of Delator by Via Nocturna label.

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