Marko And The Bruisers – “It’s All You Do” Bruiser Records

Marko And The Bruisers

Started in 2008 at first it was Marko, Ray, Skip, and Greg… it was all for fun… getting drunk on the back roof of Chef Sau, jamming all night! After a while Mark was the only one left wanting to make music. So he recorded “crappy punk-rock” in late 2008. Since then he’s put out 17 albums, 2 E.P.s, and has been on countless compilations… and finally after years of searching M.A.T.B. is no longer a one man band… in the spring of 2016 Kyle Donnelly (Bass) and Paul LaCroix (drums) jumped on board. They released an e.p. and in the winter of 2016 they had a line up change and introduced nick latour into the band as the new drummer while paul moved to lead guitar. In the spring of 2017 kyle decided to leave the band, so paul has taken over on bass. They’re releasing the new album “Every Path” in the fall of 2017

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