Martes – “Sex.0” Official Lyric Video


TUESDAY (MARTES) a day that chance brought rest, submerge in the video game invaded as alter ego?? Martians invading minds with stories, with dreams, transforming us into the infinite space of another dimension.
And a dream shaped a figure from before, a pre-Columbian figure camouflaged between pixels; after astral travel the machine lands in simple times and its complex humanity.
The ship departed under the immense gravity of the reddish color reflected in a sea that no longer exists, the blog marks the starting point with “Lo Nuevo” in 2011 several entries written with a crew that today is drawn in pleasant memories, three videos on MTV, FILBo, La Gilberto Alzate, Switchfoot in Bogot√°; dates pass and another entry plus another chapter in this space-time rises with “Desespero” that saw the light after exploring the Mexican lands, new crew, new lines on the horizon rise, masked tunjos mixing sounds that invade minds. The ship is still on course.

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