Noxii Arena – “Bred For Annihilation” Official Lyric Video

Noxii Arena

Noxii Arena Was founded by three high school friends in 2011 by members Mike Ferrara, Jared Souza, and Jon Camelo. Mike was in his sophomore year at Rhode Island College studying business. Jared was working for the family business as an electrician and Jon was studying construction at NE Tech. All three of them saw the path they were heading on and decided that it was now or never. ” You can fail at something you don’t want, so you mine as well take a chance at doing what you love.” Jim Carrey.

In 2013 Noxii started playing out as a three piece as the hunt for more members became frustrating. After two years of writing songs and searching, they decided they might be better off finding other members by playing out. It was after this that Bass player Matt Perreault got wind. Matt attended the same high school as the guys in Noxii but graduated a few years a head of them. Matt and the guys thought that if they teamed up, they could really turn Noxii into something that had been envisioned in 2011.

Noxii Arena played several shows in Rhode Island for a few years having trouble finding a vocalist that stuck. after they became “vocaless” for a third time, the band became stagnant.

In January of 2016 local vocalist Andrew Shea was looking for his next music project to take another shot at screaming in a metal band. Andrew grew up in Wakefield on the other side of Rhode Island but had heard of the guys through the scene. He knew that Noxii was looking for a vocalist and that’s exactly what he became.

Noxii Arena is a five piece metal band out of Rhode Island.

Album Coming Soon.

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