Phrenia – “Invisible” Nocturne Records – Official Lyric Video


Phrenia has started it’s career in 2012 as a trio. They covered pop songs from the beginning in a more heavier sense. What they wanted to accomplish with this is to bring together the lovers of electronic and metal music and subculture.
In March of 2013, Phrenia finally became a full band. They’ve started to write their first original songs and also continued to record pop/metal covers. By the end of the year they published their first demo and after that the writing process of the first full length abum of Phrenia was getting written.
A year later, in 2014, they released their first two music videos for their songs ‘Falling Down’ and ‘We Are the Clowns’. Both videos were directed and filmed by Tamas Kiss.
In 2016 they shot their next music video for Adele’s ‘Hello’ cover with Endre Szabo (Orkotic). The debut album ‘Million Miles’ was also finished this year, and was released at May 15th along with a brand new music video for the song ‘Perfect Lie’.
In March of 2018 they released their 6 song EP, ‘Perspectives’ along with a lyric video for the song ‘Invisible’.

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