Ravech – “Stay Away” Official Teaser Video


Most of us met at a middle school called Paschalis School round the 2007. In 2011 we formed a band called Emulation with members Raydle Santjes (bass), Zanoah Mannen (drums), Chaver Stutgard (guitar) and Reindell Stutgard (guitar). Looking for a singer we met Jelani Manberg (scream vocals). Busy learning our instruments Raydle Santjes joined a side-project called STF. There we met Liquid_Glycerine. After STF having issues they took a brake. Liquid wanted to form a new band so he asked us. Then we came with the idea to have Liquid join Emulation. Now the band had six members. Wanting to have clean vocals Chaver came up with the idea to start singing for the band. The band now had two vocalists. Practicing our craft the band started having trouble with the drummer. So with Emulation on a break, Chaver formed in 2015 a new band with members Liquid_Glycerine (guitar), Raydle Santjes (bass), Reindell Stutgard (drums) and Chaver Stutgard (guitar + vocals) called RAVECH. Heavy metal band from Paramaribo, Suriname.

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