Sewer Rats BK – “Drunk Dad” Rat Krak Records

Sewer Rats BK

SEWER RATS BK is a continuation of 24 years of collaboration between CX & Jason Blackkat, and mixes analog electronic elements , live guitars, live drums, dueling vocals, noise, and humor to create their own unique sound.
Also appearing is Don McKenzie (Elliot Sharp, Vernon Reid), Craig Flanagin (God Is My Co-Pilot, John Zorn’s Cobra) and Dok Gregory (Psychic TV) . Producer/vocalist CX KIDTRONIK makes explosively danceable beats, meshing electro and punk alongside Jason Blackkat. CX counts Kanye West, and Trent Reznor among his fans, and has worked with each. “He’s one of those guys, when he’s around, things start to happen.” says Reznor. CX has toured with Reznor, Saul Williams, Girl Talk, & as a member of German group Atari Teenage Riot.
-Ben Westhoff

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