Shout Keepers – “Blood Stage” Hadeath Records  – Official Lyric Video

Shout Keepers

Shout Keepers a/k/a shokeepHC are a hardcore project that formed in South Tambun, Bekasi in 2012, December 12th. Their members consist of Aldino (lead vocals), Awank from Racer Dancer (guitar) and Kiki (drums) that were influenced by Shutdown, Strife and Agnostic Front. However, caused by their activities every member, this project must be stopped in 2013.

Begin in 2015, their project continued again with a new member, Gita from ex-Pesona 13 (lead vocals), Awank from Racer Dancer (guitar), Ardi from Back to the Future (bass) and Aad from Losetime (drums). With this formation shookepHC start their first mini-tour in Jonggol and Cipanas, West Java in 1-2 January, 2015. Many of positive changes has been transformed such as sounds and influences like a Hatebreed, Wolfdown, Terror and Madball.

End of their mini-tour, Ardi and Aad just has resigned. These project must be go on after Konx from ex Secret Forgotten and Mesin Rusak (drums), Benk from ex Destination Before Death and Secret Forgotten (lead guitar) and Kake (bass) officially joined. That’s way their team has completed, shokeepHC did a second mini-tour the city or outside.

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