Soulgrinder – “Tree Of Life” Official Music Video


All started 1993 with the brothers, Daniel and Niclas. It started as a project and they booked a time at Studio Underground before the songs were written. They made some hard work to write the basic for the songs and much of the music were improvise under the recording process. The outcome from this is the first demo of Grind.

With some tape trading the Swedish magazine Close Up contacted Grind to contribute with one song (Eternal Life) on there cd compilation Extreme Close Up vol-2 (1994). Under this process there was a discover that the name Grind was alread taken. 1994 they made a namechange from Grind to Soulgrinder.

Working with more material, Soulgrinder finaly released their first CD 1998 under the record label Moriensis. One year later, 1999 Soulgrinder released there second digital album ”The Forgiven Ain´t Forgotten”,

Soulgrinder were going to release a third album, the most of the songs were ready for studio, but the band project died around 2000.

Today Daniel Dante is the song composer for Madness of the Night and Lithos Sarcophagos.

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