Tactus – “Colossus” A BlankTV World Premiere Live Video!


Tactus is a five-piece progressive metal band from Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Formed in 2011 as a jam project by three fellow music students, the group has gone on to produce several independent releases, while having the opportunity to share the stage with great metal acts like Protest the Hero, Intervals, Black Crown Initiate, and Mandroid Echostar.
Their first full-length album ‘Bending Light’, was produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Jamie King.
It was released in October, 2016. The group pride themselves on their infusion of multiple musical styles into hard-hitting riffs, epic choruses and technically intense passages. Soaring melodies, guttural growls, and destructive breakdowns flow into soft, slow, and pensive segments of jazz and rock.
Their compositional method, where songs are conceived, written, transcribed, and edited before they are ever learned or rehearsed, adds a level of refinement and fluidity not always found in heavier music. The band do almost all of their engineering work themselves. While they have released two fully self-produced tracks, Enigma (August 2014) and Roxanne (March 2015), they have also worked with several talented producers. Their first EP T (June 2014), comprised of four previously released singles and one new song, featured the mixing and mastering handiwork of Gino Bambino (Novallo) and Justin Hill (SikTh). Their single Resurface (December 2014) was handled by George Lever (Burials).

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