The Kanz – “Relativism” Official Music Video

The Kanz

The Kanz are UK-based, stadium-sized punk rock, bringing mind-blowing rock shows, deep emotional tunes and electronic party vibes.
The Kanz released their debut single “Relativism” on March 26, 2019. The band is renowned in London for their high-energy shows with entertaining, emotionally involving and innovative punk rock & alternative music.
Fans of punk rock shows are pleased to hear Fabio Nania (lead singer) stealing the show with his captivating strong rock vocal tone and Duncan McTaggart ( synth player) bringing a brand new electronic sound that takes the punk rock scene to a whole new level of party vibe. Brazilian drummer Rafael Pastana and Italian bass player William Patini complete this brilliant team.
The Kanz’s sound continues to assert itself with this powerful mashed-up genre born by the influence of punk rock, alternative and electronic music.

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