The Prozacs – “Cortexiphan Trials” Outloud! Records – Official Music Video

The Prozacs

The Prozacs are a punk rock band from Westfield, Massachusetts, formed in 2001 by J Prozac (who fronted WMASS punk band The GrandPrixx), who remains the only original and consistent member. The band brings heavy influence from the Ramones inspired punk rock of 90’s Lookout! and Mutant Pop Records era, with the attitude of bands like Screeching Weasel & The Queers, Descendents & the melody and fun of 1950’/1960’s pop and vocal bands. The band has released 3 full length albums, several splits and 7″ records on various labels and have toured throughout many parts of the USA. The band released it’s 4th proper full length album called “Exist” in August of 2017 with Outlaid! Records.

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