Ticking Time Bomb – “Six Feet Deep” A BlankTV World Premiere!

Ticking Time Bomb

Founded in 2012, Ticking Time Bomb is the brainchild of New York native Jason Moreno (guitar, vocals) and Costa Rican drummer Jose Alberto Delgado (also of Overseas, Diger, and Santa Marina). Together with a rotating cast of musicians that now sees Benjamin Gerry and Ariel Villalobos at guitar and bass, they have released 6 albums in as many years of existence. From their beginnings as a visceral punk power-trio, the band has evolved into its current form, delivering quick-hitter, all-killer-no-filler punk that isn’t afraid to step outside its mold and experiment. Their train-of-thought lyrics deal with the anxiety of modern life and the everyday enemies we face both in and out of ourselves, giving an empathetic voice to the frustrated many who are feeling on the edge; like a ticking time bomb about to burst.

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