Until We Get Caught – “Stranger Tides” Official Lyric Video

Until We Get Caught

Until We Get Caught is a five-piece pop punk band from Staten Island, New York and Providence, Rhode Island that was formed in the late summer of 2014. Coming from different music backgrounds and experience, their music perfectly mixes the happy sounding style of pop punk and the aggressiveness of metalcore, this is a genre they like to call “Semi-Sweet Pop Punk.” Our EP, “Easy There, Killer!”, was released on February 12th, 2016 and our second EP called ‘Lost Years’ is is being released in March 29th 2018. We have shared the stage with many professional artists in the industry such as, Ice Nine Kills, Set It Off, Andy Biersack, Social Repose, and Hit the Lights. If you enjoy singing along to a catchy chorus, throwing down in the pit, or having a laugh, Until We Get Caught is the band you should give a listen to!

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