Zombie Picnic – “Anger In Storage (Denial Will Follow)” Golden Shred Records

Zombie Picnic

Zombie Picnic are a four-piece, prog-rock instrumental outfit from Limerick, Ireland. Drawing on influences that range from the 70’s grandeur of Pink Floyd and Rush to more down-to-earth modern post-rockers like Mogwai and Battles,

Jim Griffin and Dave Tobin provide a swirling haze of expansive dual guitars, fried by multiple layers of electronica, and occasionally shot through by solos that owe as much to Guns ‘n’ Roses as they do to King Crimson. All of this six-string excess is anchored firmly in place by Brian Fitzgerald and Brendan Miller’s bone-rattling rhythm section that plant you back in their heavy rock foundations of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

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