Acrania – “I Was Never Dead” Official Music Video

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Artist city, country: Mexico City, Mexico

Artist Biography: With three full length albums, an EP, and a powerful and charismatic live show led by guitarist/vocalist Luis Oropeza, Acrania has firmly established that the band’s mission is to integrate Latin instruments and rhythms into traditional Thrash/Death in such a way that they constitute a major element of the songs rather than just acting as a curio used for intros, as well as to pay homage to their musical heritage.
The Mexico City-based act also features the talented lineup of: César Cortés on guitar, Alberto Morales on bass, and J.C. Chávez on drums. Coming from a similar line to bands like Atheist and Cynic, Acrania manages to create death metaller environments with touches of Jazz, Samba, Bossa, Salsa and more, using a permanent lineup of vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion (congas, timbales, etc.), tenor saxophone and trumpet that result in this style to which they refer to as “Latin Metal”. Their third album, “Fearless” is a definitive statement of intent from the band.
This album is once again a challenge to metal conventions and a testament to creativity and indifference to metal purists rules. “Fearless” was produced, recorded and mixed at Archway Studios in Mexico City by J.C. Chavez and Luis Oropeza, drummer and vocalist/guitarist respec- tively and was mastered in Tower Studio by Brett Caldas-Lima (Cynic, Megadeth). The cover artwork was again in charge of Berlin-based artist Eliran Kantor, well known for his work with bands like Testament, Iced Earth, Sodom and more.
Acrania is also a band that does not hide it’s political, religious and anthropological vision of the world in which we live in, I.E., in “People of the Blaze”, the first single off of “Fearless”, vocalist Luis Oropeza states that the track refers us to the “crushing of Mexican culture at the time of the conquest, its sacrifices, its pyramidal vision of society and its hegemony”.
Released thanks to the support of Mexico’s National Council for Culture and Arts (CONACULTA) and the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) who saw in Acrania a musical product worthy of support, “Fearless” is the band’s finest offering so far.
The band was formed in Mexico City in 2006, although their first studio EP, “In Peaceful Chaos”, was recorded and released until 2007, this due to a personal and musical growth together between members who sought the perfect balance between Latin Jazz and Metal.
Acrania proudly endorses Aquarian Drumheads, Cympad®, Westone & Rotosound Strings.

Director Name: Alberto Allende Montesinos
Producer Name: Alberto Allende Montesinos
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Label Name: Self Released
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Song Lyrics:
There ́s only one brief story There ́s only one line
Why do you want to reach the limit This rope is getting too tight
Tolerance and compliance It ́s a matter of perspective You always want to be above I can not, I don ́t know
I ́m asking
Why?! Why you’d deserve If you never give
Anything back I said Why?!
I ́m asking why?!
Why should I listen to your point, your regrets and your crap
Now your intimidation is over
There ́s no gun that can kill all this honor of mine Run to hide, run to nowhere
You built your present, you believed
Your foundations of sand and your lies
I will speak to you once
I will speak to you twice
I could even forgive but never forget Life never repeats, not even mistakes This movement will rise
No more useless tries
Walk side by side
Don ́t speak for me
Do not threaten me, no need for advice
Toleration is over
Now I dictate what is right
Verse Chorus Verse
Your Policy is over!!!
I’ll save my pride
Save my name
I swear I did not die It’s just that they forget

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