Ancst – “Dying Embers” Lifeforce Records – Official Music Video

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Ancst – “Dying Embers” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Berlin, Germany

Artist Biography: Since their formation in 2011 as a 2-piece studio side project ANCST have been co-spearheading the new wave of hardcore punk infused black metal in the European extreme metal / DIY underground. While sporting both, a hardcore and a metal socialization the self proclaimed collective has perfectly combined fierce melodic black metal and brutal but yet metallic hardcore crust with angry and critical social political lyrics. With two albums and a huge amount of highly acclaimed EP’s and splits under their belt on labels such as Vendetta Records, Alerta Antifascista, Supreme Chaos Records or Halo of Flies, ANCST have been praised by both the international music press as well as HC kids and metal heads alike. After transforming into a full-grown live band in 2014, ANCST has appeared on festivals such as Fluff Fest, Bloodshed Fest, Swamp Fest or the New Noise Fest and has been touring the European mainland as well as the UK relentlessly.
As of August 2017 ANCST has teamed up with legendary German label Lifeforce Records for their upcoming album ‘Ghosts of the Timeless Void’ that is scheduled for March, 2018.

Director Name: Tumult Fimproduktion
Producer Name: Tumult Fimproduktion

Artist Website:

Label Name: Lifeforce Records
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Song Lyrics: “Dying Embers”

beyond the flesh that keeps us captive there’s an empty place that feeds our nothingness. the sound of your voice echoes through my veins, no more togetherness, our world laid to waste. I can see us drifting in a sea of hate. torn apart and cramped into empty space. the world keeps turning, gear in gear. lifeless and mourning, trapped in our still lifes. hearts filled with scorn, at the peak of our hollowness. we wander this torn and bleak vacuum in search for deliverance. nowhere to go and nowhere to settle. locked in these restless vessels, our realm is the emptiness. adnate with the end, lost in expiration. ghosts of yesterdays, I only worship my own decay. Connected but torn apart, we devour each other. Pragmatic and untrusting, futile in our own domain.

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