Barren Womb – “Freak Flag” All Good Clean Records

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Barren Womb – “Freak Flag” All Good Clean Records – A HankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Trondheim, Norway

Artist Biography: Since their inception in late 2011, the Nordic heavy noise rock duo BARREN WOMB have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their deafening volume, heavy grooves and minimalistic approach.

Through tireless road work and a slew of critically acclaimed releases, the band have smashed their way into the international underground and gotten a well deserved reputation for being a live act you wouldn’t want to miss. Bloodshot guitars are whipped together with bombastic drums to create the backdrop for doomsday prophecies and stories from the dark side of life. Two sounds like ten when crude dynamics and the power of the riff collide to hammer their point across.

The duo have previously toured the US and Europe multiple times, where they’ve shared stages with among others Entombed A.D, Voivod, Conan, NoMeansNo og Årabrot, and have played at festivals like SXSW, Tallinn Music Week, Øya and Pstereo.

On April 22nd, Records Store Day, BARREN WOMB will release “Crown Control”, an EP somewhat out of the ordinary for the duo. Lyrically it’s still rooted in their usual bleak universe, but the distorted guitars and drums have mostly been replaced by banjo and acoustic guitars. “Crown Control” comprises 5 winding, misanthropic tracks in the AltCountry-/Folk-tradition, and will be available both digitally and on limited vinyl through All Good Clean Records.

Director Name: Hanna Fauske
Director Link:
Producer Name: Hanna Fauske
Producer Link:

Artist Website:

Label Name: All Good Clean Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: Hey girl, fly your freak flag high
If it ain’t pretty, there‘s no prying eyes
Let’s do the deed, yeah
My crotch is burning
And I‘m yearning for you

I was born free, porn free, beautiful inside
But this world took me by surprise
Oh the screen, how beautiful it screams
Come on down the dark side with me

Come join the dark side
Come join the cool side
Come on down, follow the blind

I get drunk and you can fuck me
Or get down on your knees
That’s how I like it to be
Sorry for all my sins Thoughtcrime it is a sin

All wired up, that’s how you see me
With nothing to hide, just soiled inside
Oh yes, there is a dark side

By the worst twisted mankind
Collective perversion of the mind
Fake news, friends, sex
Depleted of pride
Superficial things craved by the blind
I’m all of those things, the all-seeing eye

‘Cause the worst is the best in a hive mind
And no one should have nothing to hide


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