Bye Bye Japan – “Time To Do Something” Official Music Video

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Bye Bye Japan – “Time to Do Something” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Palermo, Italy

Artist Biography: Bye Bye Japan (aka bbJ) are:
Valentina Cassarino (vocals)
Fabrizio Mascali (guitars)
Massimiliano Amoroso (bass)
Andrea Tascone (drums)
The band was born from an idea of Massimiliano (bassist and composer of most of the songs), the others joined shortly after.
At their first live appearence bbJ won the semifinal of Arezzo Wave Live Contest 2015, and shortly after won Satisfactor Contest 2015.
During their first year they played in several clubs of South and Central Italy and recorded two songs that were released in October 2016 a 45 vinyl:
SIDA A “Time To Do Something” (recorded at The Cave Studio in Catania with Daniele Grasso”;
SIDE B “Dildo Rules 2.0” recorded by Fabio Rizzo (800A Records).
At the end of 2016 we released a video clip for “Time to do Something”.
At the beginning of 2017 the band kept touring from Sicily to Rome and recorded a few more songs with sound engineer Paolo Mauri (soon to be released).

Director Name: Antonino Venezia
Director Link:

About The Video: A story like many others: a girl, a friend to talk to. In the background our beautiful Sicily and a wallet passing from hand to hand. After all life is simple.


Song Lyrics: Time to Do Something
Everywhere, I find a new damnation
Every year I find my isolation
Every day I find
Sometimes, I’d rather be numb

Hey now
Here I go again
What she said
What he never did
Here I go
Should be gone by now
Here we go
Coz it’s about time

I don’t know, I don’t know
I know why, I know why

If you try, you can find me there
I’m behind, yes you’ll find me there
No hide, it’s a funny game
No home, go home

Here I go again
What she never said
What he did
Here I go again
Should be gone
Here I go-go
it’s about time
It could be fun, waking up in the evening
I’m fed up, I’m so scared
She’s so nice, and so gross
can’t go
Won’t you come, on a sunny day.

It all goes away
When we’ll find a way
But if you can find me, find me, find me
It all goes away
When we’ll find a way
But if you can
find me, find me, find me!

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