Divided By Perception – “Affliction” Official Music Video

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Divided by Perception – “Affliction” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Artist Biography: The idea of Divided by Perception started on the behalf of our guitarists, Andrei and Bobo, prior to pursuing college in Cluj Napoca. The following members to join were Tomi (singer in Anomaly) and Paul (bass player in Break-out). Not long after Bobbo (ex Skullp) was aproached and a first rehearsal was schedueled. We feel that each and everyone of us sees life, the moments of his existence in a different way. The way we approach the matter is what makes us unique, therefore we are all divided by perception. The goal of the group is to honor music, to create that which every individual needs to hear, to be by the side of the listener in every aspect of life, sad or happy. We will do our best to honor it.
So far we played with Veil Of Maya, Betraying The Martyrs, To Kill Achilles, Cedron, Close Your Eyes, Every Man Is An Island, at the Peninsula/Felsziget in 2013 and Wacken Metal Battle Romania Finals in 2017.

Director Name: Sebastian Vacariuc
Producer Name: Chamaeleo – Capturing Light

About the Video: Actress name from the video: Andrada Has

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DividedByPerception/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dbpband
BandCamp: https://dividedbyperception.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dividedbyperception/

Song Lyrics: “Affliction”

You can’t break free You can’t tear us apart We will fight our way back home You can’t hear me You can’t tear us apart You shall witness From lies we depart Take one step Take one breath Cause this is real And everything you fear I see the masses They’re dying inside Searching for answers Their rights are denied They strive to glimpse The light one last time Our species will form A new paradigm I see the sickness I feel their pain We are as one, we form a chain To bring them down For what they did Together we’ll form a new grid Silence A moment of peace Filled with anger It kills like a disease Stray from the path If you want to be free So sick of the sound Of your fucking belief I can see the world Burning through your eyes x2 No More Affliction

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